A message from the body…

Recovery is a big thing, and it doesn’t only happy in a church basement in a circle of chairs. Those moments are sweet and rare in the overall sweep of a life. That’s like a practice session, while the real game begins the moment you get back in your car to head home afterwards.

I’ve begun doing yoga. Coming from button downed Connecticut where the appearance of yogurt on the shelves of Stop & Shop was shocking, you’d be right if you thought this was a big change for me. I recall my first several 12-meetings and my amused horror to find that people really did say, “Hi, I’m (insert your name here)” and everyone else really did respond, “Hi. (that same name again)” That cliched introduction has been mocked so many times, it was disorienting to find that it was real and taken seriously. I’m over that now, so now I’m getting used to a new world where the yoga class really does begin with some “Ommmmmm’s” and really does end with “Namaste.”


The thing is, I really like it. A lot. It’s amazing how overall stretching can give you the same wonderful exhaustion that a really good run can. It’s also amazing to find out that many parts of my body have been left out of the conditioning required to run. Pretty much everything above the belt line has been resting on the couch while the Quads and Hamstrings and Calves have been doing the heavy lifting. Well, not anymore, and those above the belt line parts are making their displeasure known. It turns out that I’m in fairly good shape for 61+, but I’ve managed to get here without much stretching or flexibility, so my work is cut out for me.

Then, BAM, the metaphor hit me. Capable, but stiff. Inflexible. Unable to change to meet new challenges. Pain limits my attempts to alter my way of being, so I stay stuck in my rut. Oh…

So a part of my recovery will continue at my meeting tonight at 7pm in the church library, but that’s only one part of it. There’s a Conference Call tonight with another group of recovery friends. There will be some meditation today and maybe I’ll unroll my yoga mat and do some simple stretching too. Read a book. Call a friend. Be good to myself. I once was blind, but now I see.



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